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Through the Lens of the Learner

You are the learner! You are the person you have to start with in your understanding of the needs of the students in your classroom. It all starts with your understanding of self and what happens to you when you are in the position of the learner; being challenged to take yourself back to the point of knowing nothing; to the point of being a blank canvas. Where do you start? How do you learn best? Who do you learn best with? What would be the best environment for you to learn? How do you construct knowledge?

What do you see?

What do you see?



Imagine landing in a new country, not knowing the language and having no money or idea of where to get help?  What’s the first thing you’d do?  Your senses would be the key to your learning.  Your sense of sight, sound, touch and smell would be your friends in tackling the unfamiliar.  These senses would be your keys to discovering the environment around you and in searching for clues that would help you to navigate this new plain.  You would scan to find familiarity; somewhere to begin your construction of learning and becoming connected to the environment you face.


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