Technology education

Watch Your Reputation

A strategy for getting students to think about their reputation and to discover what people think of them … anonymously.

I used this strategy with a group of 50ish Year 7 to Y10 students in House Tutor Group as a Teambuilding strategy.


    Each student needs a pencil and a slip of paper.
    They write their name at the top of the paper.
    Explain the purpose of the activity is that they will find out what others think of them and what reputation they have earned themselves at school.
    Explain that when the music starts, each student has to trade with other students they pass without discussion or comment.
    Explain that ALL comments must be respectful in their message even if you are trying to alert the person to a trait that isn’t altogether good.

Start the music.
Students walk around the room and pass their paper between each other without looking at the name. The more they pass, the better this works.
When the music stops, the student writes a word or comment to describe the person at the top of the paper.
Do this for a number of rounds.
At the end, collect them all in and then one at a time call the kids forward before dismissing them. From their next class.

This strategy worked very well and was a positive and influencing strategy on the students. Even the students who wouldn’t normally get involved, were involved and were happy to receive the feedback. Most comments were positive but there were a few comments made that were respectful in the way they were said but that made their point.

It was a positive all-round strategy and at the end of the lesson, I happened to pass a group of girls who would normally try to exclude themselves from activities talking to their friends from other classes and showing them their list. They were positive and smiling and authentically happy. This truly made my day as I really felt that the students connected with themselves and also connected as a community.


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