Being Unique

Have a point of view that is completely unique. Be a change that is distinctive. How can you harness distinctiveness? What makes you distinctive?
Daniel Goldman – Emotional Intelligence

What facilitate’s change? What’s the leverage point where people jump on board?
Who do you stand with?
How well do you know the values of the people you serve?
What are they filtering their decisions through?

Brand yourself in a way that you frame what you want to say with the focus that people want.

Pit crew analogy – situational blindness
Who can lend you authority? Who supports your brand?

How do you make education addictive?

How do you challenge the status quo?
Focus on ways that challenge conventions.
What’s an event people can participate in?

A day in the life of a student – go pro


Five Ways Leaders Win at Gamification Technology

It would be interesting to see how this could be adapted to bring more justice and equity to the achievement product in all areas of working and/or school life.

I have long been interested in gamification of the learning experience as an old time gamer from way back.  I can see how the right motivation and incentive can be used to fully engross kids in the learning process.  I can especially see the benefits for our young boys who, generally speaking are entirely motivated by virtual world and game play.

I can see how this could work on numerous levels to really engage and make the learner accountable.

Interesting!  More to come …

Big Ideas

What’s the Big Idea? Understanding Challenge Based Learning in light of the Inquiry approach.


Scriptwriting Today


Our Year 7 English students begin their coursework today on Scriptwriting. To this point they planned, drafted, edited, published and launched their own book.

From here then, we are encouraging the students to adapt their narrative into a screenplay and the process begins today with an introduction to scriptwriting and screenplays. We hope that the students will put this together to act out with their peers. Whilst doing this they will direct and film in order to create a trailer for their movie.

Keep watching for more info.

Here are a few of the posters and front covers designed and developed by individual students.:




Whilst the kids acted and read scripts today, the rest of the class tweeted their responses.


Let Them out of the Box!

How Do We Give Face to the Homeless?